Don't swap horses midstream!!!!!1

Our First Lady

By Eustis Smith on October 17th, 1864

Fair Mary Todd Lincoln had this to say about last night’s Lincoln-McClellan debate:

Wasn’t Abraham the exemplar of horse sense in last night’s debate?

Seven hours is simply not enough time to contain all of that man’s wisdom!

When I met him he could scarcely say boo to a goose, but I just knew he would one day be president.

If I had not thought so, I never would have married him, for you can see he is not pretty.

But let’s keep that between you and me.


If you are as proud of him as I, why not spare him 15 cents — less than the cost of a green turtle soup!

Oh, how I love him so dearly.

You might even say I’m crazy about him.

Mary Todd


Time runs swiftly. Part ways with 15 cents.