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Split rails with the president?

By Jeremiah Lechmere on October 11th, 1864

Abraham just sent out an amazing offer to his supporters today.

How would you like to go rail splitting with the great rail splitter himself?

Well, here’s your chance:

Dear friend,

When we launched this campaign, we decided not to take the easy money offered by the big monopolies and robber barons.

Instead, we put our faith in you, and we couldn’t have made a better choice.

I’ll be meeting four of you to split rails with¬†sometime soon.

Growing up in Kentucky, we didn’t have much, but we did have rails to split.

It’s one of my favorite memories of my youth on the frontier, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Is there anything greater than the crack of an iron wedge bursting into hemlock wood?

In this time of great civil strife, it’s the only kind of rift I can get behind.

I hope you’ll take a minute to¬†contribute, and perhaps we’ll share in fine railsplitting, as we work our way towards healing the Union.

Thank you,



If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this.

All it takes is a simple donation of 5 cents or more.